Dr. Katherine Dale, ND

Dr. Katherine Dale, ND

About - Dr. Katherine Dale ND

Dr. Katherine “LunaMama” Dale acknowledges the guidance of her many wise-women teachers. Her wheat-free, sugar-free grannie; the wise stranger, Purnima (meaning Full Moon), who introduced her to yogic cleansing at the age of eight; and her dear-departed sister Laura, who taught that service to others is divine. 

Inspired to take these messages of healthy eating; yogic moon cleansing; and caring for others into her whole existence, Dr. Katherine pursued an eight-year doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. Using her deep visceral connection to natural remedies along with her academic knowledge of the medical sciences Dr. Katherine combines science and lunar wisdom to offer her patients deep healing.

Dr. Katherine's encourages her patients to connect to earth and moon energy through ceremony and meditation.  This connection reprograms your brain and body into a quiet response, rather than an angry, fearful, mistrusting reactions.

As a citizen of the world, connection is important to Dr. Katherine. Thanks to her nomadic lifestyle, Dr. Katherine has practiced as a Clinician in London, Hong Kong and NYC; a Professor in three Universities; and all the while raised two teens and cared for her dog, Cagney across three different continents!  Although she has travelled the world, Dr. Katherine’s favourite place is lakeside at her cottage in small-town Ontario.