About - Sara Jefferson

IMI Location: Central
Language: English

Sara Jefferson is an Australian trained Naturopathy with a post graduate diploma in Homeopathy. In Melbourne, Sara owned a practice embedded in the village life of Kensington and saw everything a community practice can offer, from teething issues, colds and ‘flus to working with the aged.  Her special interests are Auto-Immune disease, hormonal transition periods in adolescence and peri menopause and working with issues with the gastrointestinal tract (GIT).

“I love to hear a person’s story, and am constantly amazed how so many facets of a person come together to create a pattern that makes sense of their health.  I love to unravel that pattern and often find that the Hong Kong ‘trifecta’ of stress, pollution and travel create a level of inflammation and imbalance that I haven’t seen elsewhere in the world. “

Sara started her career as a molecular biologist in cancer research. She was lucky enough to work at Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, the University of Melbourne and the City of Hope in Los Angeles. Currently she is particularly interested in epigenetics and the potential for genetics to unlock the puzzle of the underlying root of illness.

“Science has always been important to me and now more than ever, evidence based research is showing the effectiveness of many supplements and herbs.  The field of epigenetics is particularly exciting as we have an opportunity to correct deficiencies right from the very beginning to optimize health.”